On Google Ads, Average Position doesn’t show where the ad appears on the page. Instead, average position reflects the order that your ad appears versus the other ads in the ad auction, Julien Jacquet, Product Manager at Google Ads wrote yesterday. Google explains that as a result, an ad position of “1” means that the ad shows […]

A unit of media trafficking that most closely corresponds to a traditional I/O line item. Flights have a predicted number of impressions as well as an impression goal and start and end dates, additional trafficking settings, and ad tags. On the DSP`s and Data, this is normally a string/name with a correspondent ID. Other parameters […]

Find here the metrics associated with programmatic video: Impressions The number of times that a browser or mobile device sent a ping to the server, telling that creative content was requested and has started to download during the specified date range. Clicks The number of times a user has clicked on an ad. Starts The […]

What metrics can you analyze when you run advertising campaigns on Youtube (via Adwords or DBM)? See here the reportable metrics when you do a TrueView campaign: Generic Metrics Impressions See the definition for impressions here. Clicks (TrueView) The number of clicks on the ad on the TrueView ad. The clicks registered here lead to […]

Clicks in an interaction with the ad. The metric clicks is the number of times a user has clicked on an ad. In the case of touch-screen devices, the user “clicks” by touching the active area with their finger or a stylus.

Viewability metrics are frequently found on the best DSP’s, where by default, the DSP is measuring the viewability of all impressions bought. If the DSP does not measure the viewability, you will be able to integrate a third party provider to measure the viewability, like IAS or Meetrics. According to Appnexus, “Viewability measurement is achieved […]