The 4 ways publishers are selling their inventory to buyers: IO, Programmatic Guaranteed, Open Auction and PMPs.

Google today announced the launch of a new course about creative strategy for app campaigns. Google says that in this course advertisers will find “video lessons and interactive activities to help you learn how App campaigns use ad assets, what are the best types of assets to provide, and how to use asset reporting for […]

In AdWords, advertisers can track store visits from the Display Network campaigns, on ads served on the Google Display Network (GDN). This allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns, keywords, devices, audiences and contextual (topics) targeting that drive more visits to the local businesses. In-Store visit conversions also bring insights on the return on investment (ROI) […]

When advertisers use remarketing, affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences, in-market audiences, similar audiences, demographic and location as targeting, the ads shown to the users are personalised ads. On Google there are 5 tartgetings types (None, Placement, Run of Network, Contextual and Personalised). Normally the Personalised targeting has higher CPM’s, and CPM’s can be the double […]

The length of snippets is dynamic, confirmed Google. The clarification come yesterday, by Danny Sullivan on Twitter, and reported by Search Engine Roundtable. Historically, Google had a limit of 165 characters in snippets (meta descriptions), but in the end of November 2017, beginning of December 2017, the snippets were updated to 320 characters. This week, Google changed […]

Google is recommending publishers to do content in other languages for years. When there is a gap on a language there is an opportunity for publishers. Last year Google launched a new tool to help businesses and publishers to discover new markets to growth. It´s Market Finder. On Google´s Market Finder, users can introduce one […]