Publishers getting ready for the Christmas Spending Season

Google published today a holiday season guide for publishers using Adsense. Google says that Christmas last year was a “record-breaker” and this “season is expected to grow even more.”

Almost 22 Billion dollars in ad spend during last year, according to IAB, with an increased share of mobile ad revenue (53%).

AdSense has a checklist to maximise the performance that includes:

  1. Adsense Native Ads (User-friendly formats with the same look and feel of the website.);
  2. Ad Viewability (Improving viewability normally will lead to more clicks and ad revenue);
  3. Page speed (Improving the page speed increases the engagement);
    Content related to Christmas (Users will often search where to buy and store hours)
  4. Mobile (Searches for where to buy on Mobile grew 85% in the past 2 years)
  5. Video (Help users with videos)
  6. Recommendations (Provide recommendations to the users, based on their past views and purchases).
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