Billaway Launches a Data Rewards Platform Enabling Consumers to Earn Free Mobile Data Through Everyday Activities

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Billaway, a marketing technology company that converts global currencies earned through consumers’ everyday activities into free mobile airtime, announced the addition of free mobile data and airtime through its new Mobile Data Rewards Platform.

Billaway’s new Mobile Data Rewards Platform, which is underpinned by Tata Communications’ Sponsored Data Exchange, will be showcased at the 2016 CTIA Super Mobility conference show this month in Las Vegas, NV.

Paul Harkins, CEO at Billaway, reports, “The new Billaway platform converts global currencies into free mobile data and airtime. Consumers can earn local currencies through everyday activities which are powered by Billaway and its partners. Once a consumer earns a monetary reward through activities such as taking surveys, playing games, product reviews or buying the items they need to live, Billaway seamlessly converts it into data or airtime credits. Free data enables consumers to stay connected with the people and things they care most about.”

The partnership between Billaway and Tata Communications brings together Billaway’s customer loyalty expertise and Tata Communications’ global network and relationships with leading carriers. Tata Communications’ cloud-based Sponsored Data Exchange connects Billaway with carriers to enable the delivery of mobile data rewards to consumers.

Billaway will be deploying the platform to new clients, existing clients and brands globally so they can offer their customers the ability to earn free data when they purchase particular products and services in addition to their everyday activities.

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