A Million Ads

A Million Ads personalises digital audio advertising. Think music streaming ads that know what city you are in, or radio ads on your smart speaker that know if it’s raining outside.

A Million Ads ads are more context aware and relevant to the listener, and so perform a lot better. We have delivered over 180 campaigns across Europe for brands including Sky, BMW, British Airways, Deliveroo, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Atlantic and Nissan, are working with five out of the six major advertising agencies and have partnerships with all the major music streaming, internet radio and podcasting services around the world.

A Million Ads says that exists to make ads advertisers love. A Million Ads do that by combining creativity in the production process with a tech platform that, powered by data, delivering the best ad at the right time for each user.

Today A Million Ads deploy the context-aware engine across digital audio and are now extending that capability across many other channels, starting with video.

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