Blubrry stats now include downloads reporting and additional​ regional reporting

Podcasting provider Blubrry this month updated its podcast statistics offering to include hourly downloads reporting and additional regional reporting.

Blubrry users are now able to see how many downloads they are receiving within the first hour of episode release, hour-to-hour, for the first week the episode is live. Blubrry says this is a useful feature for podcasters to track popular times for releasing episodes and ensure best practices for creators.

In 2017 Blubrry added Great Britain, Brazil and Canada reporting; this year the company has added regional breakdowns for Germany and Mexico, countries with increasing podcast publication and listenership. Along with new countries, Blubrry has added DMA (designated market area) regions for U.S. metro areas. The DMA metro regions will be separated from the rest of the U.S. reporting to provide clarity for monetization opportunities.

“Statistics are crucial for podcasters to grow their audience and especially so for monetization. By continuing to provide more detailed, accurate information, podcasters are put in control of the future of their show and brand.”

Todd Cochrane, Blubrry CEO

Blubrry Podcasting is expecting to achieve IAB podcast
measurement/statistics certification in the coming days.