Brandzooka creates a self service ad platform for connected TV in a “disruption of the media monopoly”

Brandzooka created the first self-service ad platform for Connected TV, announced the company today. Brandzooka has removed the minimums for TV advertising in favor of targeted programmatic buys for the same placements starting at an industry-changing price point of $35.

“This is what wholesale market disruption of the media monopoly looks like, and if I were a professional media buyer I would drop a brick,” said Aquiles La Grave, CEO, Brandzooka. “Brandzooka’s new TV platform allows anyone to place thousands of ads on primetime TV through connected devices for the cost of about eight Starbucks lattes.”

According to Brandzooka, unlike most Connected TV inventory, which is purchased based on general categories and often includes unknown channels with little viewership, Brandzooka’s platform looks across ad exchanges and networks, and accesses exclusive placement deals directly with channels to deliver premium placement options to its users. It then places users’ ads across the entire gamut of Connected TV devices and platforms across every screen. This translates to the quality exposure usually reserved for the 1 percent of global advertisers being decidedly accessible to the other 99 percent, for the first time, at any budget.

The addition of television is an expansion of Brandzooka’s already diverse stack of digital advertising products currently revolutionizing a rapidly media landscape. Since its founding by advertising veteran Alex Bogusky 24 months ago, Brandzooka has completed one strategic acquisition, expanded its user base to more than 22,000 businesses worldwide and announced a strategic partnership with Dentsu-Aegis’ MKTG.

“The past year has seen a shift in both the where and the how our clients audiences are engaging with media,” said Kyle Taylor, Managing Director, Fact and Fiction, a social content agency. “Brandzooka’s platform allows us to merge and blend social ad experiences into media in a big way without the risk of large ad buys.”

Brandzooka is singularly focused on delivering performance and transparent metrics for all its users across a common platform. Unlike enterprise media buying platforms, Brandzooka does not work on a retainer/subscription or percent-of-media model. And because transparency is the lynchpin of Brandzooka’s business model, all metrics and performance indicators are baked into every campaign. Customers can access full analytics for their campaign in real-time, at any time.

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