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What is the GDPR?

How to get ready for the GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation and is a regulation of the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, that regulates the data protection for...

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Connected TV

Connected TV is a TV connected to the internet. Connected TV is a TV that has digital video streamed from the Internet. It can be via a Smart TV (like...

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UTM Tagging

UTM means Urchin Tracking Module and this technology allows website owners to identify, click paths, user flows and to know where the users are coming from. UTM Tagging is applying...

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Influencer Marketing

Consumers are always looking to experts for guidance and inspiration. Bloggers, social influencers (on Instagram, Snapchat, etc) can influence others to use their purchasing power on buy. These experts, or...

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Engagement involves someone having a meaningful contact or a connection. That connection normally happens when the user participate with an action. Engagement plus Trust are normally the goals of a...

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CPC means Cost Per Click. This metric is calculated dividing the spend/cost by the clicks. Imagine that you spent 300 euros and you have 100 clicks. 300/100=3. Your cpc for...

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A cookie is a small piece of information that the browser writes on the device (computer, mobile, tablet, smart screen, etc) of the user. There are first party cookies or...

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Ad Server is the server that does the ad serving. It can belong to the publisher or to the advertiser. In Supply (Publisher) and in Demand (Advertiser), the Adserver does...

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