On Adwords, advertisers can´t really edit ads. When advertisers edit an ad and save it, Adwords create a new version of the ad. Version history of the ads lets advertisers go back and see previous versions of the ad, as well as data on how those ads performed. Version history is available in Ads & […]

Advertisers need a Bing Merchant Center store to do Bing Shopping Campaigns. Bing Shopping Campaigns allow advertisers to use Product Ads. The Product Ads are then created from the content of the Merchant Center catalogs, including custom images, promotional text, price, and other details. The Bing Merchant Center is created in Bing Ads. On Bing […]

AppNexus, the owner of the project Prebid, published 12 videos about Header Bidding. According to AppNexus “over 73% of sites in Alexa.com’s top 1,000 employing some kind of header bidding setup.” The videos cover most of the questions that publishers have when they began the header bidding implementation. See here how header bidding works: Header […]

Google introduced this year an SEO audit category to the Lighthouse Chrome Extension. According to Google, the SEO audit category within Lighthouse “enables developers and webmasters to run a basic SEO health-check for any web page that identifies potential areas for improvement. Lighthouse runs locally in the Chrome browser, enabling webmasters to run the SEO […]

Smart Goals are implicit conversions detected automatically. Google Analytics examine dozens of signals about the website sessions to determine which of those are most likely to result in conversions. Smart Goals are the approximately the top 5% of your website traffic. The requirements to have Smart Goals are more than 250 clicks over the past […]

In Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers can use Excel, by exporting the ad performance data from Ads Manager or from the Office Store. Facebook Ads Manager for Excel is compatible with Excel 2016 on Windows and Mac or Excel Online. With Facebook Ads Messenger for Excel advertisers can download performance data from ad accounts; report on […]