Facebook Ads Manager is a tool where advertisers can create and manage Facebook ads. Advertisers can edit, delete, pause or resume ads, set up Facebook ad campaigns, create new ad sets, and ads, manage Facebook ad bids, target different audiences, optimize ad campaigns, keep track of campaigns’ performance and reports, A/B test ad campaigns. On […]

Video is one of the most effective ways to drive sales for B2B marketers. It introduces confidence in B2B marketing and can help to drive more leads and help the business grow. According to a study of Google/Millward Brown Digital, Online video is the content with the most growth. “Seventy percent of B2B buyers and […]

Many parents look for an app for parental control, for Android or for iPhone. There is the option to have a free parental control app, but for a price, parents can have the best parental control app. Why use Netsanity as an alternative to  Google’s parental control app for Android? Google’s main business is advertsing at […]

Thinking of doing a video campaign? Here are some tips you should consider before you even start. A video campaign has an influence on performance if the content, the reach, and the impact is well done. Video Ad In advertising, content is the most important piece of a marketing campaign. The video ad should have […]

If you are a publisher and you want to diversify the platforms where you distribute your video, Amazon Video Direct can be a good way to do it. Amazon, like Youtube, allows video monetization. For monetization on Amazon, Publishers need to have a United States, Japan or European Union bank account, and they need to […]

When a video campaign is being planned is difficult to compare different platforms, as each uses different metrics and there aren’t standards on video ads. Only on programmatic, the metrics are well defined. Youtube is also an exception on this list, as Google’s website offers the option to buy pre-rolls (of 15 seconds), and bumper […]