To download Adwords Editor visit this page; Adwords Editor runs in the operative systems Windows and MacOS and is forĀ free, a downloadable application for managing AdWords campaigns. After downloading the application, install it. Here the view when there are no downloaded accounts: Click on the button ADD and sign in with your Google Account. Download […]

If you have Google Analytics implemented on your WordPress site or blog, you might want to know what users are searching on your website. With Google Analytics you can see what are the keywords that users are searching. When users search on WordPress, the URL have this S Here the example: In Google Analytics, […]

Since this year, Google Tag Manager has a new trigger called Element Visibility. This Trigger can be used to fire tracking events in specific areas of your website when users are viewing specific areas. So you can forget how to track scrolling with Google Analytics, as now we can track specific areas of your website. […]

The implementation of ads.txt works like the robots.txt. It is a text file hosted in the main directory of the domain that informs the ad tech and programmatic buyers about the vendors authorized to sell advertisement on that domain. Here the example of the ads.txt of This month, Appnexus created the ads.txt validator, where […]

The DSPs and Adtech providers are constantly building tools to help advertisers and publishers, so they have the best setup on their campaigns, regarding tracking or ad placement implementations. If you use Adwords, Bing, Doubleclick, Appnexus, Google Analytics, Adform, Mediamath or another ad tool, these add-ons for Chrome, Safari or Firefox can be extremely helpful […]