EMG3 Raises Awareness for International Non-Profit MSC with “Good Catch!” Campaign

International non-profit the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) tapped Falmouth experiential marketing firm EMG3 to create a campaign to raise awareness of sustainable fishing in New England. EMG3’s “Good Catch!” campaign aimed to bolster New England’s sustainable seafood businesses by raising consumer awareness about the identification and availability of sustainable seafood products.

Based in London, MSC was established to address the problem of unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. Through its blue MSC ecolabel and fishery certification program, MSC works towards a sustainable seafood market to insure the world’s oceans continue to teem with life for generations to come. MSC works with fisheries and businesses worldwide to achieve this mission.

New England is a leader in sustainable U.S. fisheries, and yet despite ranking at the top for seafood consumption, New England ranks poorly for consumer awareness of the abundant sustainable seafood offerings from area sellers. EMG3 took the MSC “Good Catch!” campaign directly to consumers with events at Whole Foods and Big Y grocery stores, which feature MSC certified products at their fresh fish counters, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as to Boston’s Green Fest. Consumers were able to win grocery gift cards at the interactive display while learning about area sustainable fisheries and how to identify sustainable products. A “Good Catch!” video was also created for the campaign.

“Being based in New England, we are acutely aware of that the fishing industry is vital to Northeast’s economy,” said Steve Woods, CEO and President of TideSmart Global LLC, EMG3’s parent company. “New England fisheries are at the forefront of protecting our oceans and insuring that the fishing industry continues to thrive for generations to come, and we are proud to play a role in raising awareness of their work.”

“Through this campaign, EMG3 has been able to raise consumer awareness of not only the issue of sustainability – something we as a company have always taken great pride in – but also recognition of the MSC blue ecolabel,” Woods continued. The TideSmart family of companies operates from a 6-acre, ecofriendly campus that includes the most energy efficient corporate building in the Northeast, the Viridescent House.

The “Good Catch!” campaign included activations in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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