UTM tagging best practices on Google Analytics

Having a good setup on Google Analytics is very important, as you will be able to identifiy the results of your marketing activities per campaign, ad, audience, and tactics. Google Analytics allow the customization of 5 dimensions on the UTM tagging. The dimensions used on UTM tagging are the source; medium; campaign; term; content. Try here […]

How to avoid common mistakes in UTM tagging

See here the mistakes to avoid when you are creating a naming convention for your marketing UTM tagging: No Tagging Very often advertisers don’t use any specific UTMs on tagging their marketing campaigns. Although they have implemented a solution like Google Analytics on their pages, many times, the information how to use UTM tagging is […]

Brand Safety: How it works?

Brand Safety are solutions on programmatic that offer brand protection on online display campaigns. Many companies, like Integral Ad Science, Grapeshot and Google, offer solutions that allow advertisers to avoid content with bad reputation, ad fraud and websites with multiple ads. What are the reports to look in Brand Safety? Viewability On this dimension you […]

How to use Facebook Pixel Helper?

Facebook Pixel Helper is a Chrome Plugin made by facebook that helps advertisers to troubleshoot their Facebook Pixel implementation. This troubleshooting tool validates the implementation a provide real-time feedback. On PPC Land, today we explain how to implement a Facebook Pixel and now it is time to see if it is working. We installed here […]

How to exclude apps from Adwords

I was reading today on Reddit the most common domains to exclude from the GDN campaigns on Adwords. If many times, exclusions are not recommended, there is an exception that many advertisers don’t do because of the lack of knowledge. You should always create two different campaigns, one for web environment and another for app […]

Adwords login

To use Google Adwords you will need to create a Google Account. That doesn´t mean you need to create a Gmail. You can use your normal email account or your company email account. For that, you need first to create a Google Account without Gmail. If you already use a Gmail, you already have a […]