Rubicon Project updates the terms & conditions introducing confidentiality, “including pricing”

On January 10, Rubicon Project updated again the terms & conditions on the website. In September, the new terms & conditions introduced a new nondisclosure agreement, including pricing. From 7 confidential words in the previous terms, Rubicon has now 30 confidential works on the terms.

“Confidential Information includes business and marketing plans, software code, technology and technical information, product and system designs and configurations, specifications, APIs, trade secrets and business processes. The terms and conditions (including pricing) of each Order Form are Confidential Information of each party.” Can be read in the new terms.

On the previous Rubicon terms & conditions, from June 22, 2017, this paragraph did not exist.

In November last year, Rubicon come public to be more transparent about the fees, cutting the buy-side fees. Rubicon was charging fees on the sellers and on the buyers, making around 25% on fees, according to Ad Exchanger. Normally, Ad Exchanges were not charging any fees to buyers. OpenX, for example, confirmed to Ad Exchanger that it never charged buy-side fees for its inventory.

Media Cost and Tech Fees

In 2016, the ad tech industry was shaken up, after The Guardian bought their own ad impressions. They discovered there was ad tech charging up to 70% on fees, which means the publisher (The Guardian) only received at the end 30% of the value.

How to detect hidden fees?