Goodway projects more than 45% price increase for Mobile by next year

Goodway Group released a guide with projections for programmatic pricing for the coming year, predicting a moderate price increase of 1-3% annually for desktop display media in 2018. Mobile advertising, however, will be the main driver of digital’s price hike, growing nearly 4% month-over-month with an expected overall price increase of over 45% by 2019. The mobile prediction includes display and video ads served on any mobile device, either in-app or in-browser.

This week: Doubleclick updates the impression counting on app based on MRC guidelines

Google today announced that starting this week, DCM and DBM will count mobile in-app impressions based the IAB and MRC’s count-on-download guidelines. This “reflects a decision to no longer use MRAID for mobile in-app impression counting” and “advertisers may see higher impression counts in certain mApp environments, and lower discrepancies with publishers using the count-on-download guidelines” says Google.