‘Uncover Studios’ Launches as Podcast Network

TMPG, a promotional radio marketing agency, is launching its own podcasting division, Uncover Studios, to bring its unique perspective on podcasts to the public. Headquartered in New York, Uncover is a podcast network consisting of unique voices and key celebrity influencers. Uncover aims to produce, represent and integrate custom content into high-quality podcasts.

There are currently over 98 million global podcast listeners. This audience continues to grow each year, making the podcast landscape highly opportunistic for podcasters and investors alike. With 20+ years of audio marketing experience and a roster of talented influencers, Uncover emerges as a well-equipped player in the podcast space. They are prepared to partner with brands every step of the way to create quality podcasts and impactful, full-scale campaigns.

Uncover specializes in developing custom content, enabling podcast hosts to create meaningful connections with their audience on behalf of brand partners.

“The days of shouting your brand message to the masses are over. In order to move the needle, you have to be creating value for your audience,” said Dave Keine, Creative Director at Uncover Studios. “We have a deep understanding and respect for what makes podcasting such a successful medium. We believe in creating content-branded and not the other way around.”

Once a show is produced, Uncover leverages the content and connects its hosts with relevant sponsors. Building relationships between the right sponsors and hosts to create impactful messaging is really what distinguishes Uncover from traditional networks.

Uncover’s vast roster of influencers, among which are Jean Chatzky (TODAY Show’s financial editor) and We The Kings (platinum-selling American rock band), allows for access to diverse audience segments via podcasts. Additionally, Uncover podcasts will delve into world travel, with shows like Barry Lewis’ “Dark History.” Through these personable hosts, the Uncover audience will feel like a part of the story.