Webinar: Attribution Modeling for the Modern Marketer

On January 25th, at 11 AM, Brian Pong, Sr. Director of Product, and Jessica Tait, Product Marketing Manager at Drawbridge, will present a webinar about Attribution Modeling.

Marketers are not only responsible for owning the entire customer journey from awareness and consideration through purchase and loyalty, but measuring success along the way.

With today’s always-connected consumers, the customer journey has become increasingly fragmented, and understanding that path and properly attributing actions has become more and more difficult.

Drawbridge has been in the space for years, and has developed custom models and established best-practices for proper attribution. Learn about:

  • The evolution and landscape of attribution models.
  • How to define cross-device attribution.
  • How to incorporate people-based identity into your attribution stack.
  • Our models, and how we build them.