Webinar: Black Friday retail marketing strategies

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail season are approaching, and Outbrain is giving a webinar on the Black Friday online strategies. The webinar will happen on October 9 at 10 AM EST, and his hosted by Outbrain’s Kelly Hayes, Senior Account Manager UK.

Black Friday will be on Friday, 29 November, and Cyber Monday will be on Monday, 2 December. According to Outbrain, last year, consumers spent a whopping $840 million over the Black Friday weekend, with online traffic up 12% on the actual day.

Topics of the webinar:

  • How Black Friday is relevant for all types of advertisers;
  • How to benefit from holiday traffic;
  • Different approaches and strategies to suit various KPIs;
  • How to ramp up your campaign: what are the key launch dates?
  • How to create messaging to reach your target audience and your goals;
  • How to maximize your ad visibility during highly competitive periods;
  • How to achieve great performance throughout the holiday season;
  • Must-have holiday campaign checklist.

The webinar will finish off with a live Q & A session with pre-submitted questions the audience. Sign up now and submit your questions for the live Q & A session.