Webinar: Blockchain and its impact on the digital advertising ecosystem

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST, IAB Europe is organizing a webinar about blockchain and its impact on the digital advertising ecosystem. Tim Geenen, CEO & founder of Faktor will be the moderator. To the discussion will join Alanna Gombert, Global Chief Revenue Officer of MetaX, James Prudhomme, Managing Director EMEA of Index Exchange, and Adam Hopkinson, Co-Founder and COO of TRUTH.

This webinar will give a better understanding of blockchain technology and how it could apply to digital advertising. Speakers from trailblazing companies in the field of blockchain as well as adopters of these solutions will guide participants through a session designed to better familiarise advertisers and publishers with the inner workings of this intricate technology and its current and future impact on digital advertising.

Here the speakers:

Tim Geenen, CEO & founder, Faktor
Tim Geenen is the CEO & founder of Faktor, a decentralized Identity Management platform for publishers, brands and consumers.

Alanna Gombert, Global Chief Revenue Officer, MetaX
As MetaX Global CRO, industry veteran Alanna Gombert oversees MetaX product creation, strategy, and go to market including the adChain and adToken dApps.

James Prudhomme, Managing Director, EMEA, Index Exchange
James is applying his 15 years of leadership experience towards the growth and expansion of Index Exchange’s offices and operations across Europe and new global markets.

Adam Hopkinson, Co-Founder, and COO, TRUTH
Adam has spent 22 years in digital media, starting off building websites in 1996, through to now serving as Chief Operating Officer for Truth.