Webinar: Marketing data management and what B2Bs need to know?

eMarketer will do a live webinar on June 21, at 1:00 PM ET, and the topic is Marketing data management and what B2Bs need to know. The live video webinar is hosted by the eMarketer analyst Jillian Ryan and registrations take place here.

The live-video webinar will provide:

  1. The key types of data B2B companies are identifying;
  2. How B2B firms source and collect their data;
  3. Best practices for keeping data up to date and hygienic;
  4. The current state of capabilities for data integration.

Jillian Ryan covers trends in B2B marketing, technology and digital communications at eMarketer. Additionally, as a content and social media marketing specialist, Jillian has experience driving strategy for B2B technology startups, ad tech companies and creative agencies.