Webinar about Rewarded Ads

On JUL 20th, 11:00am CEST, Applift and Adjust are promoting a free webinar about Rewarded Ads, with the title “Unlock App Marketing Success With Rewarded Ads.” The webinar is presented by Chris Godderidge, VP, EMEA & India from AppLift, and by Michael Paxman, Japan & APAC Team Lead Account Management from Adjust.

IAB launches new certification for Media Buying and Planning

IAB announced a new certification called IAB Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification. The certification will answer the complicated task of creating digital advertising campaign recommendations today, when “there is a vast multitude of channels, ad units, technology platforms, and partnerships available to select from.” IAB says that the certification program will provide “a deeper […]

5x Masterclasses Add Depth to FIPP Asia-Pacific Programme Content

Aside from 30+ presentations on topics ranging from media trends and transformation, to storytelling, audience engagement, new revenue streams and more, FIPP Asia-Pacific programme includes five in-depth masterclasses for delegates to attend. FIPP Asia-Pacific takes place from 27-28 September in Singapore. Register for the conference here. FIPP Asia-Pacific is organised and hosted by FIPP, the […]

Webinar about Influencer Marketing: 10 Key Predictions

Today, 8/30 at 2pm ET, TapInfluence’s strategic experts, Laura Smous and Rachael Cihlar are providing a webinar about influencer marketing. The focus is B2B. Join LinkedIn and TapInfluence for the webinar: “Influencer Marketing Predictions: Where to Place Your Bets in 2017”. Topics: TapInfluence’s top 10 influencer marketing predictions for 2017 Where you should invest as […]

Webinar: Mastering Audience

Content curation? Crowdynews, a dutch company specialized in social media curation, is doing three 30-minute webinars to learn how to include real-time, safe and relevant social media content on your website. The series covers practical steps on how to employ social media to: Attract readers; Keep readers onsite longer; and Increase engagement. See here the […]

Webinar: SEO in Mobile

On Wednesday, Aug 24th, 1PM EST, Anne Ahola Ward, CEO of CircleClick and, Loren Baker, SEJ’s Founder, will give a webinar about SEO in Mobile. In this SEJ ThinkTank of 1 hour, they will talk about the latest SEO mobile trends and developments: search behavior, optimizing for AMP, and rich snippets. In the end there […]

Webinar about personification and how to keep a conversation with the customer

Adobe and Merkle promoted on 4th August a webinar about Delivering Personalized Marketing Campaigns. On the webinar (presentation on pdf here) was Zimm Zimmerman, Vice President of Personalization in Merkle and Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager in Adobe. The agenda of the online webinar answered to these 3 questions: Is your company aligned across […]

Webinar: Three tips for delivering personalized marketing campaigns

On Agugust, 5, Adobe will have a webinar with 3 tips “for delivering personalized marketing campaigns. You can do the webinar registration here. The speakers will be Zimm Zimmermann, Vice President of Personalization in Merkle, and Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager in Adobe Campaign. This webinar is specially interesting for learning more about customer […]