Google is changing the Ad and Analytics products to be compliant with GDPR

Google today announced changes to comply with GDPR. For Publishers, Google will introduce controller-controller terms for DFP and AdX. The controller-controller terms will come first to DFP and AdX and “by May 25, 2018, Google will also introduce new terms for AdSense and AdMob for customers who have online terms.”

Google says that the “new terms provide clarity over Google´s respective responsibilities when handling the data and give both, Publisher and Google, protections around that controller status.”

In Google Analytics (GA), Attribution, Optimize, Tag Manager or Data Studio, whether the free or paid versions, Google operates as a processor of personal data that is handled in the service. Data processing terms for these products are already available for acceptance (Admin → Account Settings pages).

To comply, and support publisher´s compliance with GDPR, Google will:

  • Launch a solution to support publishers that want to show only non-personalized ads;
  • Launch new controls for DFP/AdX programmatic transactions, AdSense for Content, AdSense for Games, and AdMob to allow publishers to control which third parties measure and serve ads for EEA users on the sites and apps;
  • Send publishers and clients more information about the tools in the coming weeks;
  • Take steps to limit the processing of personal information for children under the GDPR Age of Consent in individual member states;
  • Launch new controls for Google Analytics customers to manage the retention and deletion of their data.
  • Explore consent solutions for publishers, including working with industry groups like IAB Europe.