PPC Land uses third-party vendors – Google, Cloudways/Vultr, KeyCDN, Cloudflare, OneTrust and OneSignal – to have the website available.

To ask consent for cookies, we use OneTrust. To display ads we use Google. To host the website we use Cloudways/Vultr. To serve faster the website globally – CDN – we use KeyCDN. To collect statistics we use Google. To send push notifications we use OneSignal. To provide a faster DNS we use Cloudflare.

Online identifiers, including cookie identifiers, internet protocol addresses, and device identifiers are collected by Google, Cloudflare, OneTrust, KeyCDN, Cloudways/Vultr and OneSignal, but these providers are anonymising the IP Address.

If you send us an email, we are using ProtonMail, based on Europe.

Google Ads

On PPC Land we are showing to all users in the EEA only non-personalised ads. Non-personalised ads are targeted using contextual information rather than the past behaviour of a user.  These ads don’t use cookies for ads personalisation, however they do use cookies to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting and to combat fraud and abuse.

As user, you can disable the use of personalized data on ads here. See here how Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services.


We also use KeyCDN as a CDN provider, but on KeyCDN, IP addresses are anonymized within the content delivery logs. Statistical data is aggregated and does not contain any personal data.

Please enter in contact with us in case of any doubts:


Who do you hold data on?
PPC Land does not hold data from our readers.

What personal data is collected?
Online identifiers, including cookie identifiers, internet protocol addresses, and device identifiers are collected.

Do any third parties handle the data? Which ones? Where are they based?
Our main server is from Vultr (managed by Cloudways) with the location in New Jersey, USA. Cloudways is headquartered in Malta, and Vultr in the USA. KeyCDN is based in Switzerland and has servers globally. Google, OneTrust, OneSignal, and Cloudflare are based in the USA and have servers globally.

How long is the data stored for Google Analytics?
On Google Analytics the data retention is 14 months, not reseted in a new activity.


PPC Land Privacy Policy

On Google Assistant chatbot PPC Land we do not collect any information and we do not share any information.