PPC Land has ads via Google.

PPC Land ads are mediated by Google and can be bought via Google Ads, via DV360, and outside Europe by any DSP connected to Google.

PPC Land visitors

On PPC Land, advertisers can bid CPC, Active View CPM or CPM using the domain as targeting, or other targetings like contextual.

Retargeting is only possible outside Europe. Due to GDPR, we only allow non-personalized ads in Europe.

We do not sell advertising directly.

We do not have sponsored / guest posts.

PPC Land has traffic from all around the world, mainly from Google Search and Google News.

The top countries are the United States of America, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.

PPC Land readers: demographics and interests

According to Google Analytics, PPC Land audience is mainly male (70%) and in the age bracket between 18 and 44 (>75%).

Readers are classified by Google with the affinity:

  • Shoppers/Value Shoppers
  • Technology/Technophiles
  • Lifestyles & Hobbies/Business Professionals
  • Media & Entertainment/Movie Lovers
  • Media & Entertainment/Music Lovers
  • News & Politics/Avid News Readers.

Users are in-market for:

  • Business Services/Advertising & Marketing Services
  • Employment/Career Consulting Services
  • Software/Business & Productivity Software
  • Financial Services/Investment Services
  • Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones
  • Business Services/Business Technology/Web Services/Web Design & Development.


On PPC Land we have native ads and display formats.

How to create a display campaign in Google Ads?

After creating a campaign on Google Ads with display or text ads

Edit the placements

Click in enter multiple placements and add

After you see on the right, hit the save