Top 10 digital marketing certifications

Having a marketing certification enables professionals to gain competitive advantages, execute projects with increased efficiency, increase the earning potential, update the skills and knowledge and build professional credibility.

Professionals certified in different areas of online marketing can provide more value to a company where they work for.

Here are our list of the top solicited certifications in digital marketing:

Google Analytics Certifications

Price: Free; There are 4 Google Analytics certifications:

IAB Professional Certifications

Price: Around 1000 USD for non-members. There are 4 certifications:

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Certifications

Price: Free. There are 4 certifications:

Google Ads Certifications

Price: Free. There are 5 certifications:

Bing Ads Certification

Price: Free. There is one certification:

SCRUM / Agile Certifications

Prices: Around 250 USD. There are 3 certifications:

Code Academy – Data Science

Price: Around 20 USD per month. The courses include certifications:

Salesforce Certification

Price: Around 200 USD. There is one certification:

HubSpot Certifications

Price: Free. We recommend the following certification:

Facebook Certifications

Price: 150USD. There are 3 certifications: