Adobe Advertising Cloud partners with A Million Ads

Adobe Advertising Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is partnering with A Million Ads, a company specialized in data-driven audio marketing.

Adobe Advertising Cloud and A Million Ads are partnering to expand the ways advertisers target and capture the attention of key audiences with personalized, data-driven audio ads.

“Audio is the hottest channel is advertising right now and we provide the tools that advertisers need to reach consumers with more relevant and personalised content than ever before. Partnering with Adobe gives us the opportunity to ensure consumers across podcasts, online radio and music streaming platforms are being served with better quality, less invasive and more relevant advertising.”

Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of A Million Ads

Through A Million Ads’ technology, advertisers have insights into a user’s location, time, weather and device. With access to this data, advertisers can combine their targeted messages and determine the best sequence of hearing an ad.

“Data-driven audio marketing has delivered significant impact for us, specifically with student markets The ability to hyper-personalize messaging and target audio ads to key listeners has already driven fantastic results for us. That’s why we are extremely excited about the partnership between Adobe Advertising Cloud and A Million Ads – as the expanded capabilities will help us both better target our valued audiences and stretch our campaign dollars.”

Jake Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager of furniture solution provider, CORT