OneSignal launches Paid Plans and limits free service

OneSignal last month launched paid plans and introduced limits on the free service. Until today, free service was unlimited, but from now on, web push subscribers are limited to 30,000 users.

OneSignal said today that on the free plan, data “data may be shared with advertising and research partners to help cover the cost of providing this service.” This means that the free plan is not GDPR compliant. OneSignal is not disclosing the partners.

The 2 paid plans of OneSignal push notifications services are Starter and Pro+.

OneSignal Starter plan

Starter plan has enhanced support, message delivery in minutes, message export, is GDPR compliant, and has unlimited subscribers.

Starter plan cost $99/mo + $2.50 per 1000 subscribers over 30,000 subscribers.

OneSignal Pro+ plan

Pro+ has Unlimited notifications, 200,000 subscribers included, is GDPR compliant with all DPA and model clauses available, no data is shared with third-party partners, it has enterprise support, and supports push notifications up to 400,000 notifications per second. Pro+ includes also a dedicated account manager and a service level agreement.

Price of Pro+ plan starts at $499 per month.