System1 launches new ad ratings in the US and UK

System1 today launched its new System1 Ad Ratings service for brands and advertisers as a way for brands to understand the potential of their campaigns to drive long-term growth.

The service is launching with two years of data covering over 27,000 TV ads from the USA and UK. System1 says once an ad has aired on TV it is typically available on the platform the very next day. System1 Ad Ratings analyses ads in over 100 categories providing advertisers and brand managers a platform to benchmark the performance of their ads and predict potential long-term brand growth.

System1 says further market and sector releases are planned.

“50% of advertising spend is wasted, which equates to billions of dollars every year. System1 Ad Ratings is a tool that lets advertisers and marketers understand which TV campaigns are underperforming, and how their marketing stacks up against competitors. It’s a quick and easy way for marketers to analyze their advertising almost immediately through a subscription service. Brands don’t need to wait three months anymore understand how their campaigns are performing, it now takes just a matter of hours with Ad Ratings.”

Gabriel Aleixo, Managing Director Ad Ratings at System1

Ad Ratings works by measuring the emotions the ad generates in the consumer and the intensity of that emotional resonance. This produces a Star Rating from 1-5 stars. The Star Rating predicts Long-term brand growth potential: 1-Star equals 0% brand growth, whereas 5-Stars equates to 3%+ long-term brand growth potential.

The prediction side of the tool has been independently validated in conjunction with the IPA. Using submissions to the IPA Effectiveness Awards, System1 cross-referenced emotional resonance real-world brand growth in various categories, and the system was modeled on those results.

“For any brand, achieving long-term brand growth is paramount,” Gabriel Aleixo commented. “Ad Ratings provides an efficient and cost-effective way for brands to see whether their advertising strategies are developing the growth that brands require.”