Third-party tech support services restricted on Google Ads

Google end of August announced the restriction of ads to third-party technical support providers on Google Ads. The restriction is being applied globally after Google saw “a rise in misleading ad experiences stemming from third-party technical support providers.”

“For many years, we’ve consulted and worked with law enforcement and government agencies to address abuse in this area. As the fraudulent activity takes place off our platform, it’s increasingly difficult to separate the bad actors from the legitimate providers.

David Graff, Director, Global Product Policy at Google

Google is rolling out a verification program “to ensure that only legitimate providers of third-party tech support can use” Google Ads platform.

David Graff, Director, Global Product Policy at Google, said “these efforts alone won’t stop all bad actors trying to game Google advertising systems, but it will make it a lot harder.”

How third-party tech support services get clients via Google Ads?

Third-party tech support services are purchasing ads via Google Ads to get new clients. An investigation from The Wall Street Journal found out these companies were masquerading as authorized service agents for companies such as Apple.

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), fraudulent third-party tech support services pretend to be from a well-known company – like Microsoft or Apple, use lots of technical terms, ask users to get on their computers and open some files – and then tell users those files show a problem (when they don’t).

Here a video how the scammers act