Gratafy partners with Foursquare to help power Swarm Perks

Gratafy is pleased to announce a new partnership with Foursquare, the location intelligence company. With over 50 million monthly active users across its consumer apps and websites, Foursquare is known for providing its users with rich experiences in the real world through Foursquare and Swarm. Gratafy is now helping to power Swarm Perks, expanding the network of merchant deals and discounts available. Gratafy is offering exclusive promotions through Swarm Perks for users who check in at participating restaurant and bar locations. This gives Gratafy’s national network of merchant partners the ability to engage and capture new customers by offering Swarm Perks such as an appetizer or dessert. Through the partnership with Foursquare, Gratafy extends the reach of its platform to a new channel of key, covetable consumers for its brand-name clients.

Gratafy partners with many of the world’s largest beverage brands and Fortune 500 CPG companies to power product trial at retail, digitally via mobile. The company’s patent-pending POS integrations allow Gratafy to close the data loop on media attribution by effectively quantifying consumer sampling programs that begin in the digital world and end in the physical world. Gratafy’s proprietary technology, merchant network, and brand sampling programs paired with location-oriented Swarm Perks, makes for highly relevant consumer offers.

“Foursquare’s extensive location data adds a new level of context to Gratafy’s merchant offers and brand promotions. Being able to put our brand and merchant partners’ products directly into a consumer’s hands when they are actually inside the venue is extremely powerful,” said Gratafy cofounder Ryan Halper.