LKQD releases live forecasting to forecast media avails

LKQD Technologies this month announced the release of live forecasting, a platform advancement giving publishers insight to manage and grow their video advertising business.

According to LKQD, the addition of live forecasting gives publishers tools to anticipate inventory trends and forecast media avails, giving publishers the edge they need to optimize their video advertising.

LKQD live forecasting incorporates real-time data with historical trends and may be analyzed by campaign parameters, advertising partner, device types, publisher partners, and placements, among other parameters.

In addition to live forecasting, LKQD continues to release features that enable a publisher to customize the platform for their business. The latest release includes the option for publishers to create customized labels for any ad placement, campaign, advertiser, or creative. Personalizing the platform gives publishers the flexibility to quickly navigate, filter, and report on the parameters that matter most to their unique business. For instance, publishers have the power to categorize demand by how it is booked, or pull up-to-minute activity and billing reports by business group or function.

“LKQD’s live forecasting feature is a continuation of our strategy to further expand our leading video advertising infrastructure platform through the ongoing development of innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of modern publishers,” said Brian DeFrancesco, Head of LKQD and SVP, Nexstar Digital LLC. “LKQD Technologies has helped hundreds of publishers stay ahead of the curve and proactively solve their greatest video advertising challenges so they may continue to grow their respective businesses.”

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