voodooh joins DPAA

DPAA announced today that UK-based voodooh has joined the association. voodooh is a 100% independent DOOH company producing campaigns, specialist project delivery and consulting services for media owners and brands.

According to DPAA, membership in the DPAA community brings multiple benefits, including admission to quarterly “mini summit” meetings with industry leaders, access to curated VIP tours and meetings at CES and Cannes Lions, an extensive database of research, best practices and case studies, tools for planning, training and forecasting, social media amplification, publication discounts, media partnerships, insights on software and hardware solutions, and marketing campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to be joining DPAA. They’re fantastic champions of the DOOH industry, and business accelerators of the companies within it. The scale of their membership, and the excellent, collaborative work they do, is testament to this. The more we work together as an industry, build best practices and share our successes, the bigger and better DOOH becomes. We look forward to meeting with and working with the team and wider membership base.”

Keith Nilsen, Founder, voodooh