Amazon Video

If you are a publisher and you want to diversify the platforms where you distribute your video, Amazon Video Direct can be a good way to do it. Amazon, like Youtube, allows video monetization.

For monetization on Amazon, Publishers need to have a United States, Japan or European Union bank account, and they need to provide the tax information. Amazon Video Direct does not require exclusivity on Amazon Video, so you can have your videos published on other platforms.

What are the Royalities?

Buy and Rent: Publishers receive 50% of net revenue. If you offer a season for purchase, customers who have purchased one or more episodes may be able to purchase the season for a discounted price. The season price is reduced by the amount the customer has already spent on previous episodes. You will receive 50% of net revenue for the episode and season purchases.

Amazon Prime: The applicable revenue rate set forth in the table below is multiplied by the number of hours viewed up to an annual period cap of 500,000 hours per title. For example, if a title has 2.5 hours of streaming from U.S. customers, the payment would be $0.37. We log and calculate customer streaming to the second. There are local rates for USA, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.

Subscriptions: Content providers receive 50% of net monthly revenue.

Ads: Content providers receive 55% of net advertising revenue streamed with their titles.

Amazon pays the same as Youtube, but there are others paying more

Despite the fact that Amazon is a new player in the Video Publishing, Amazon is paying exactly the same as Youtube. 55% to publishers of the ad revenue. If a publisher is looking to monetize, Dailymotion can also be an option, as the revenue share for publisher is higher: 70%

Do you know other platforms that host and monetize your videos? Please let us know in the comments.