Codewise introduces ad fraud detection in Voluum, an ad analytics platform

Codewise today announced that it has enhanced its Voluum ad tracking platform with an Anti-Fraud Kit. Codewise says that is the only advertising analytics platform that includes a comprehensive solution for detecting ad fraud.

The Anti-Fraud Kit enables digital marketers and media-buying professionals to protect their advertising budgets from invalid traffic and to protect the reputation of the brands that they serve.

Through a set of 10 metrics, ranging from fast clickers and unrecognized devices to library robots, marketers can now detect which publishers are selling suspicious visits and clicks and stop buying from them.

Voluum’s Anti-fraud Kit analyzes in real time millions of ad clicks and looks into statistical patterns that might indicate that specific segments of traffic are artificially generated. The results of this analysis are delivered in comprehensive reports that are combined with performance metrics.

“Ad fraud remains one of the biggest challenges facing the ad-tech industry. Codewise is firmly dedicated to combating this issue and is actively partnering with leading international and intergovernmental organizations around the world for finding unified solutions to the global issue,” said Dr. John Malatesta, CEO and President of Codewise. “Years of experience in this field allowed us to develop an all-in-one advertising analytics platform with a built-in anti-fraud solution. It instantly detects suspicious traffic and offers easily applicable protection measures. Offering ad tracking software with anti-fraud tools is a unique approach that we foresee to be revolutionary in defeating ad fraud.”