Google launches Google Ads Editor

Google this month launched a new editor for Google Ads called Google Ads Editor. The new Google Ads Editor replaces Adwords Editor, launched 13 years ago.

The new Google Ads Editor has full cross-account management, enabling advertisers to do changes across multiple Google Ads accounts. Advertisers can now add the same set of keywords across different accounts, update campaign settings across your entire book of business, or download relevant stats across any grouping of accounts.

Version 1 of Google Ads Editor has also improved design and usability. There is a right-hand Edit panel to improve the ability to scan, and a search functionality so advertisers can quickly find what they need.

Here other features introduced:

  • Additional custom rules
  • Full support for non-skippable Video ads
  • Additional Call-to-action and headline fields for all Video campaigns
  • Positive and negative users list audiences for Smart Display campaigns: Easily reach new potential customers
  • Options to manage App campaigns: Includes campaign, ad group, and ad level assets
  • Bids & Budget
  • Recommended daily budgets
  • Better Smart Bidding
  • Calls & Messaging
  • Account level call reporting
  • Additional headlines for call-only ads
  • Full support for message extensions