How to do B2B Marketing with video

Video is one of the most effective ways to drive sales for B2B marketers. It introduces confidence in B2B marketing and can help to drive more leads and help the business grow. According to a study of Google/Millward Brown Digital, Online video is the content with the most growth. “Seventy percent of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their path to purchase,” concludes the study.


8 different ways to produce video for B2B Marketing

How-to Tutorials

Online tutorials are about how to do things, and a how-to video shows you how to solve a problem. If you are showing customers how to solve problems, they will consider your solutions easier.

Introduce your employees

Introduction videos of your employees provide to potential customers an authentic narrative about the company culture that they will deal with and the persons behind the products.

Create video snippets

On Google Search, video snippets are more and more important to consolidate your brand on the search results. If you have a video on your content, probably the result on Google will have a high position due to the higher CTR.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way of consolidating the current clients, and to provide to potential clients, examples of past partnerships that worked out well.

Live Streaming Webinars

Live streaming webinars show that your brand is open to questions and to provide knowledge to the community. Shows also that you are a leader an expert in your area.

Demos in Videos

Showing demos on videos can reduce time on product adoption and the trials will be short, or not needed.

Case Studies in Videos

Case studies demonstrate success, and by doing it, not only you consolidate knowledge, but you are making interesting for new customers to try your solutions.

Community Social Responsibility

CSR shows that your business cares about the society where you live. Other companies will respect more yours when you provide care to others.