Integral Ad Science (IAS) is now able to measure campaigns on Snapchat

Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Snapchat now offer advertisers viewability and ad fraud measurement solutions to employ across their Snapchat in-app video buys, IAS announced this week.

According to IAS, measurement was successfully tested for 6 months. IAS had over 50 brands participating in the beta where they measure Snapchat campaigns.

Until now, brands couldn’t measure viewability and fraud with IAS for Snapchat video advertising campaigns, leaving room for uncertainty about whether ads were actually reaching key audiences.

IAS says the integration provides critical campaign metrics, including percentage of fraudulent views, percentage of in-view ads, and percentage of completed views, offering brands the transparency needed to verify quality and effectiveness.

“Brands and agencies want to advertise where their audiences are, and it is important that their verification partners are able to meet them wherever they need to go. This integration helps to protect brand’s budgets and ensure that the digital assets they are investing in are efficient and effective as possible.”

Harmon Lyons, SVP of Global Business Development, IAS

Over 188 million people use Snapchat every day.