OpenX achieves first Platinum Status Recognition from TAG

OpenX yesterday announced it has achieved Platinum Status for its commitment to quality from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), designating compliance with all four of the available TAG seals: Certified Against Fraud, Certified Against Piracy, Certified Against Malware, and Certified Against TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines.

OpenX says that less than 5 percent of all TAG members have achieved Platinum Status, and that this highlights the commitment OpenX has taken to build the highest quality programmatic marketplace through industry leading efforts to reduce fraud, piracy and malware.

“Advertisers and publishers have demanded higher quality from their partners, and the industry has responded, but it’s not enough to just talk the talk,” said John Gentry, President of OpenX. “Businesses need to be thorough and comprehensive when it comes to quality, and the Platinum Status from TAG is a great way for advertisers and publishers to separate the companies that are truly committed from those that may just be doing the minimum required. Additionally, if advertisers start demanding independent verification, as opposed to self certification, that will further separate the companies that are putting in the hard work to prioritize quality and improve the digital advertising ecosystem.”

According to OpenX, over the past year, large brand advertisers like Procter & Gamble have begun requiring all advertising partners to become TAG certified against fraud, and a new study from The 614 Group found that fraud is reduced 84 percent in TAG certified distribution channels compared to the broader industry average. In Europe specifically, it was found that the use of TAG Certified channels for digital advertising across the UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Italy reduced the level of fraud by 94% over industry average.