Traffic on real estate portal Point2 Homes smashes previous records

More and more US and international house hunters are using Point2 Homes as their go-to real estate marketplace. The number of visits has beaten record after record, July alone having smashed all of them, with an increase of 39% year-over-year, which translates into 137 million page views since the beginning of the year, with 23 million registered in July alone.

The number of leads and the time spent by consumers on Point2 Homes have also increased exponentially, becoming a decisive reason why more real estate professionals chose to market their listings with us. The number of interactions established between buyers and agents advertising on Point2 Homes was 274,000 in July, up by 62% Y-o-Y.

Canadian overall traffic is up by 71%, while visits from organic traffic (Google, Bing, etc.) are up by 57% Y-o-Y. The cities influencing traffic the most are Toronto (75% increase in page views), Montreal (350% increase in page views) and Vancouver (94% increase in page views). One of the reasons is that these pages rank high in Google searches.

In the US, traffic has seen a more modest increase, but still, cities such as Chicago (42% increase in page views), Atlanta (37% increase in page views) and New York (30% increase in page views) bring themselves into the spotlight by having managed to attract a significant number of visits.

Outside of Canada and the 50 US states, Point2 Homes traffic registered important growth in several markets, such as Mexico (82% increase in page views) and Puerto Rico (70% increase in page views).

Agents looking to maximize their listings’ exposure can tap into the great traffic generated by Point2 Homes. This requires creating a Point2 Agent account which allows them to feature their properties and business in front of millions of potential home buyers.