Workshop about Ad Manager API in New York

Donovan McMurray, Chris Seeley, Beng Eu, engineers at Google, are hosting a Ad Manager API Workshop. These are the Google Ad Manager API experts that will spend a half-day talking about Ad Manager API and Google Data Studio:

The Ad Manager API Workshop will take place in Google’s Chelsea Market Office 75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011, on October 31, 2018 from 1-4:30pm.

The workshop is targeted toward developers who use or are interested in using the Ad Manager API. This event is an opportunity to learn more about the API’s capabilities and its newest features. This is also an opportunity to share feedback and influence direction by talking directly with Googlers who work on the API.

The topics are:

Programming for Programmatic

In this talk, Google will go through how to use the Google Ad Manager API to automate Programmatic Guaranteed, Preferred Deals, and Private Auctions.

Google Publisher Tags and Ad Speed

When pages and ads load fast, users are more likely to see them. We’ll discuss new and upcoming GPT APIs, data, insights, and tools which give you opportunities to improve the performance and viewability of your ads.

Reporting Insights with Google Data Studio

From prototyping to production, learn how to create analysis tools with Google Data Studio by integrating Ad Manager report data, other Google data sources, and your own company’s data.