10 Copywriting Hacks for Text Ads on Adwords

The company LXRGuide just published a whitepaper that reveals 10 hacks to boost the performance of the text ads on Adwords. Know here the hacks:

  1. Add an exclamation mark to the end of the ad.
  2. Test SEM ads.
  3. Add /official-site to the display url.
  4. Add sitelinks to your ads.
  5. Include your brand name in your ad headline.
  6. Add user reviews to your ads.
  7. Include the promo end date with an ! at the end of your ad.
  8. The CTR for ads with long headlines is higher than ads with regular headlines.
  9. Add keywords to your display URL.
  10. Include free shipping in your ad.

Based on their experience, each hack increased the performance of the CTR.