Programmatic Optimization

On the article optimize a programmatic campaign in Open RTB we went to the factors that can influence the performance of the marketing campaign. Here the ones that can have a big impact: Creative Size/Creative Type; Ad Position; Country/City/Postal Codes; Day Party; Frequency; Recency; Bidding; Inventory/Sellers/Exchanges; Pixels/Tracking Structure; Daily Pacing/Hours/weekdays.

Here more 3 optimization tips:

Retargeting Recency

Create different pools for retargeting and isolate the best performing exchanges with second price auctions, like Google Ad Exchange. Due to the second price auction your bid will need to big higher. Isolate also deals (try to do it transparent deals).

Prospecting Reach

Isolate at least 10% of your budget to go for reach. Try to have the most possible impressions within the budget. The reason to not have more spend should not be the budget but the bid.

Bid Prices mixed with Viewability

Analyse the viewability of the best placements and try to define a floor viewability per placement/url/creative size. Placements without viewability normally will no have clicks, unless the measurement is not working correctly.