70% of the the ad spend will be on programmatic in 2017

In the USA, 70% of the ad spend will be programmatic on the next year, 2017. This represents around 27 billion euros. In 2014, the ad spend was 10 billions, that represented 49% of the total ad spend.

For Quantcast (Programmatic Marketplace Roundup 2016), the definition of programmatic is digital display ads transacted via an API, including everything from publisher-erected APIs to more standardized RTB technology; includes native ads and ads on social networks like Facebook and Twitter; includes advertising that appears on desktop/laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices.


For US advertisers the important factors to buy programmaticly was the ability to buy display (68%); ability to buy inventory across channels (67%); ability to buy rich media (60%); ability to buy video In-stream (56%); ability to buy native (52%); offer inventory from digital out-of-home (27%); offer inventory from connected tv (25%); offer inventory from wearables (15%).