Audience Engagement: How publishers can increase their revenue?

Crowdynews just published a Publisher’s Guide to Mastering Audience Engagement where publishers can find the way to make users to click on the ads and stay more time reading the pages.

In the guide, Crowdynews recommend to look at the following metrics to look at the engagement on site: Time on Site; Pages/Articles viewed per session; Return Visits; Likes, Shares, Tweets of an article; Comments on articles; and Ads clicked.

Engagement matters because “is intimately tied to revenue. Visitors who stay longer and read more pages see more ads.”

Engagement in Social

And for publishers engagement is not only important on their website, but also on Facebook, one of the major sources of traffic, that requires engagement so the reach be higher. More engagement means more visits, and if those visits have more engagement on the website, more revenue.

How to improve the engagement on your website?

In the guide, Crowdynews gives examples of the possible analysis of engagement per device, source of traffic, and other dimensions. These analysis can help publishers to see what can they do to improve their engagement with the audience.