Adobe recommendations on Google’s exact match change

Adobe announced last month on Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, recommendations about Google’s exact match change. Since September, Google is calling the exact match “close variants.”

Adobe is recommending advertisers to closely monitor search query reports to exact match keywords. Now that exact match keywords can map to variations they were not able to before, Adobe says it’s important to regularly review query reports for exact keywords — not only to add new exact match keywords — but to add negative keywords where needed as well.

In addition, Adobe says it’s key to continue to add new ad variations to ad groups and set ads to optimize rotation, unless actively performing an ad copy test. Based on insights about the searcher and search intent, Google will serve the ad most likely to receive a click or convert. If an ad doesn’t perform well it will be served less and less, and eventually not served at all. There is no longer a need to pause ad variations unless it becomes irrelevant.