AWS launches compliance center for financial services

Amazon Web Services this week launched a compliance center for financial services, covering 13 countries: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

AWS Compliance Center, designed for Financial Services (FS) customers, is a central location to research cloud-related regulatory requirements that impact the financial services industry.

According to Amazon, before the launch of the AWS Compliance Center, customers preparing to adopt AWS for their FS workloads typically had to browse multiple in-depth sources to understand the expectations of regulatory agencies in each country.

The AWS Compliance Center is designed to make this process easier. It aggregates any given country’s regulatory position regarding the adoption and operation of cloud services. Key components of the FS industry—including regulatory approvals, data privacy, and data protection—are explained, along with the steps you must take throughout your adoption of AWS services to help satisfy regulatory requirements.

Frank Fallon, Vice President, Financial Services at Amazon Web Services

Financial Services customers can browse the information in the portal and export it as printable documents.

Amazon says they expect the AWS Compliance Center to evolve as the customers’ compliance needs change and as regulators begin to address the challenges and opportunities that cloud services create in the FS industry.