Competitrack now captures digital ads based on audience buying

Market Track this month announced today that their Competitrack advertising Intelligence solution is now using panel-based digital ad collection to supplement its automated legacy approach. This new methodology allows for improved capture of highly targeted ads based on users’ browsing behavior and other audience-focused factors.

Market Track says the decision to invest in panel-based digital ad collection comes due to estimates that 80% or more of digital ad buying will occur via automated channels in 2018. The ability to leverage an opt-in panel of web users better supplements the highly targeted desktop display ads that spidering collection methodologies can sometimes miss. This supplemental data collection delivers improved creative capture and spend estimation by providing a more comprehensive view of the online advertising marketplace.

“With the continued rapid evolution of the online advertising space, a hybrid automated plus human capture methodology delivers the most comprehensive approach to advertising intelligence and best positions Market Track to rapidly adapt to the continuing changes expected in the digital advertising marketplace. A change like this is an example of our investment in the future, and our commitment to current clients to deliver the most powerful advertising intelligence in the market.”

Chetan Ghai, Chief Product Officer for Market Track

According to Market Track, the enhancement in the collection of digital advertisement helps Market Track collect a more significant sample of ads to better their creative capture and spend estimation.

“We view this as a significant step forward in capturing programmatic advertising. During beta testing, we saw the overall volume of digital ads captured increase over 15%. And for a highly personalized category like cosmetics, the number of unique creative executions captured almost doubled.”

Sarah Park, Competitrack Solutions Manager

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