Bloomberg launches an API for clients

Bloomberg this week announced the launch of Enterprise Access Point, part of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data business. Enterprise Access Point is a website and an API that provides normalized reference, pricing, regulatory and historical datasets for Bloomberg Data License clients using open standards.

Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data business produces pricing, reference, and regulatory data sets, real-time market, event and news data, liquidity analytics along with data management and distribution technologies.

On the new Enterprise Access Point, Bloomberg clients can browse data online, examine the metadata, trial sample datasets prior to the acquisition, and immediately put them to use within their organization.

Bloomberg says Enterprise Access Point creates a seamless online experience for financial organizations looking to leverage data for critical business decisions. For the first time, Data License clients can directly program against Bloomberg’s comprehensive historical data, servicing the growing needs of data science.

“Data fragmentation creates inconsistencies and misalignment across the enterprise, ultimately exposing organizations to unnecessary risks and costs. Having a single access point for trusted data not only creates a new standard for quality, it also accelerates the client’s ability to realize bottom-line value across the enterprise.”

Gerard Francis, Global Head of Enterprise Data at Bloomberg

Data for Developers & Data Scientists

According to Bloomberg, as users of financial data increase in sophistication, they expect a self-service model for discovering and browsing data catalogs, and connecting their data tools directly to data publishers. Enterprise Access Point allows users to connect their enterprise systems directly to Bloomberg’s publishing platform, through a RESTful API, and receive complete and comprehensive data. By delivering data in clean standardized formats through one source, integration costs for customers are reduced.

For data scientists, the information provided via Enterprise Access Point is available as CSV data frames and supports multiple technologies including Jupyter and Python Pandas. For professionals leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the Linked Data is also available in a graph format. Web developers using Enterprise Access Point also benefit from Bloomberg’s RESTful Hypermedia API, which allows URL consistent data to feed directly into an enterprise’s software components, including machine-learning tools, with minimal friction or delay.

“Having access to deep data history is critical for any investing or business governance strategy based on data science insights. By providing consistent data feeds along with history through API protocols, Enterprise Access Point allows scientists to apply data models with greater confidence and efficiency.”

Matthew Rawlings, Chief Data Officer for Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data department
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