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You can also use the CPM Calculator or the Impression Calculator.

How to calculate?

The cost of your advertising campaign can be calculated based on impressions and CPM (Cost per Mille) using the following formula: Cost = (Impressions * CPM) / 1000

Here's a breakdown of the variables:

  • Cost: The total amount you will spend on your advertising campaign.
  • Impressions: The total number of times your ad is displayed.
  • CPM: The cost you pay to reach 1,000 viewers (often represented as a dollar value).


Let's say you want your ad to be displayed 50,000 times (impressions) and the CPM for your chosen platform is $5.00.

  • Cost = (50,000 impressions * $5.00 CPM) / 1000
  • Cost = $250.00

Therefore, based on this calculation, your total campaign cost would be $250.00.

Understanding CPM and Impressions:

  • CPM (Cost per Mille): This metric indicates how much you pay to reach 1,000 viewers. A lower CPM generally signifies a more cost-effective advertising platform.
  • Impressions: This metric represents the total number of times your ad is displayed, regardless of whether it's clicked on or interacted with. It provides a measure of your ad's reach.