Footfall Measurement Benchmarks: $6 is the average cost to drive a consumer to a store

TabMo & adsquare last week announced the results of a benchmark study covering the verticals travel, national parks, business, hobbies & interests, health, food & drink, clothing, style & fashion, automotive, beauty, buying/selling cars, shopping, and alcohol. The study shows the results from 55 programmatic campaigns delivered between 1 March and 30 August 2018 on TabMo’ DSP Hawk using adsquare’s Footfall Measurement solution.

By looking at the conversion rates, TabMo was able to determine the cost per visit to a store across a number of verticals, with the average cost of only $6 for driving consumers to selected retail locations. Even more, the study results show significant insights into the behavior of shoppers who have seen mobile campaigns and determine when is the best time to generate store visits – the days between Thursday and Saturday have the highest likelihood of generating higher footfall traffic.

Furthermore, the benchmark study shed a light on the effectiveness of different mobile ad formats and creatives when generating store visits. Expandable Banners are taking the lead in comparison to Full-Screen Video and Square Banners.

The benchmarks for Footfall Measurement